Holiday corporate gift photography for Lark Fine Foods / by katie ring

Russian Tea Cakes  a Lark Fine Foods Favorite!

Russian Tea Cakes a Lark Fine Foods Favorite!

You’re not looking at just any cookies, you’re looking at Cookies for grownups! If you’ve never tasted a Lark Fine Foods cookie then you are missing out. What is a cookie for a grownup? It is a Salted Rosemary Shortbread cookie that combines a buttery sweet taste with fragrant rosemary and a sprinkling of sea salt. Its a Burnt Sugar & Fennel Shortbread that packs an unusual punch. Its a Scourtin, a savory and buttery shortbread packed with cured black olives and dusted with sea salt. These are sophisticated cookies that are paired with wine and cheese as often as they are with tea or coffee.


I was fortunate to have a great team for this shoot! My clients, Elaine and Bryn of Lark Fine Foods, arrived with all of the goodies to shoot, and some to share! I had creative support on set with Allison from the digital marketing agency Wolf Dog. I also had my very talented friend and colleague Monica Mariano to style all of these goodies. Rosemary (my studio manager), Mike (assistant), and Amber (intern) were here too and helped everything run smoothly. It was a delightfully full house.

If you know someone looking for corporate gifts, take a look at Lark. Bryn creates these curated boxes with unique high quality gifts form local artisans. The quality of the gifts matches the beautiful quality of the cookies.

I asked my intern, Amber, to pull images for this post and add some of her thoughts. Here’s what she said:

“As an intern I always love to be on set to see the magic happen! This particular shoot had so many different props that styling alone would have been hard ( at least for me). I got to see a food stylist in action which was pretty amazing, I learned about the different ways food stylists go about creating a composition and some of the secrets used to keep food looking good and natural. I also got to experience using mirrors and different lighting techniques to highlight a product exactly where its you want it. Over all I enjoyed seeing all of the different images created out of this abundance of goodies.”