Mainely Burgers / by katie ring


You can take the girl out of Maine, but as it turns out, she’ll find her people! I did just that meeting Jack and Max Barber, the guys behind Mainely Birger. The rest of you Bostonians are all lucky to have Mainely Burger in Cambridge and Allston. If you haven’t tried them yet, you must pay a visit!

We shot several burgers, a salad, and sides. Yet, strangely enough, my favorite was unexpectedly the Brussels sprouts. I do love a good burger, but wow, the Brussels are really unique, crispy, and had me licking my fingers and hoarding them off to the side as I moved on to the other shots.

I did this shoot a month or so back, but got behind on my blogging over the holidays. Now with this post I’m craving a burger with healthy green side! See you soon guys!