Gluten-Free Doughnuts / by katie ring


A love letter.


Having loved and lost I assumed I’d never love so deeply again. I assumed that part of my life was over. I’d never again experience the same level of enjoyment. I was devastated. It was impossible now. I would sometimes dream about my past love. Everywhere I would see happy people enjoying what I once had, but alas, that was no longer possible for me. Until today.


There is an Alanis Morissette like irony in being a food photographer who finds out she is gluten intolerant. I can no longer eat many types of food. I can’t tell you, or fully express in words, how much I love you, Kane’s Doughnuts. Thank you for giving me back the treat of a fresh glazed seasonal doughnut. I’ve dreamed about eating carb-filled treats again; ones that didn’t come frozen or require me to bake them myself. After 17 long months, I took an amazing bite of apple spice freshly baked thickly glazed magnificent donut. You have given me such joy. My heart is yours. Please make these forever. XO, Katie 😜😋