Cosmetics shoot / by katie ring

Makeup makeup makeup!  Stylist Sierra Baskind of ENNIS Inc. and I collaborated on a test shoot together.  Sierra specializes in styling props and interiors and we decided to get together and test out our creativity with cosmetics.  Who doesn't love the range of colors and textures of makeup?  The creative options are endless!  


My studio space was perfect for our test shoot.  I have gigantic windows that offer an abundance of natural light that I am able to combine with my studio lights.  This test shoot reminded me once again of how lucky I am to have found my studio and all the creative freedom it gives me.  Here is a a picture I snapped of Sierra styling the shot in my studio.  


We had so much fun playing with makeup, lighting, and backgrounds.     

Sierra found the bright green leaves really made the red of the lipstick pop and the matching symmetry and shape of the leaves and brushes made for an awesome shot.  


We "wrapped" up our test shoot with a few shots of gift boxes and bows.  Here's one we liked best.  


It was a wonderfully creative, productive day and I look forward to my next chance to test shoot and work with the talented Sierra Baskind!