Roots Grand Opening at the Natick Mall / by katie ring

Social media matters. Local connections matter. This is a story about both!

It started when GGP, the real estate company that operates the Natick Mall discovered me on instagram and reached out about photographing a store event. How did they find me? I've been adding #natickphotographer to my posts. They had an upcoming new store opening (an apparel, lifestyle brand) and were looking for a photographer to capture their grand opening and blogger influencer event.  The chance to get a sneak peak at a fun new business coming to town?!  Sign me up!  Who doesn't love a behind the scenes look?  I was even more excited when It turned out the store is Roots - a funky, cool Canadian sportswear company. Even better, I knew this brand already because I had received a cute baby gift form a friend living in Canada! I was impressed to learn that it was important to the Roots team to connect with a local photographer and local social media influencers who were part of the community where they are opening stores. I admire this about the brand and it makes me like them even more!


Roots is known for its sweats and casual wear, leather goods, accessories and footwear.  The brand's motto is that clothes should feel as good as they look.  I also LOVE their store design. The displays, soft seating, and lighting is well thought out and makes the store feel like a welcoming space.


These photos were taken at the shopping preview event and the next day's grand opening and ribbon cutting.  The retailer aims to add 10 to 14 stores in the U.S. by year-end 2019 so stop by and check out what all the buzz is about!  I know I'll be back for stuff for both me and my kids!


This opening was handled by the agency Sleek Machine and it was great to meet both the agency and the brand teams. As a former in-house agency photographer the dialogue felt familiar. The advertising geek in me loved being reminded of how much thought and planning goes into branding and opening stores. Welcome to Natick, Roots!